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A Nice celebration

That may not be the most clever post title but it does suit !

We went to Nice today for lunch, to a restaurant called The Indian Lounge that we’d heard about from lots of people. A mum at school has often said it’s her favorite Indian restaurant here, and I could see why it would appeal. The surfeit of ethnic Indian decor (colorful sarees with zari-work borders draped across the length of the ceiling such that not a tiny inch of the plaster was visible, lots of jharokha-style mirrors, lots of Ganesha statues in different styles, lots of ornately embellished cushions in typically bold Indian colors, Oriya cloth lanterns hanging over every table with flower garlands draped over the suspending wire, the latest Bollywood music videos playing on one wall (the “screen” space on the wall – and this was a clever touch, I thought – was the space within a lovely, carved wooden arch) felt a little over the top to me, but Indira especially loved it all.

The memory that will stay with me though is of the ferris wheel ride that Noor and I sat on together (while Indira went with Shri for the accrobranche). It was another gorgeous sunny day, and the views of old Nice and the sea were just superb.

The girls had a lot of fun on the “elastique jump” too.