Ebleskiver Pan/Paniyaram Pan

Watching how quickly, almost magically the paniyarams I made for the first time last week cooked in this pan, I wondered why I’d not bought it a long time ago already, after the first time I had paniyaram at my friend Sukhie’s many years ago.

I love how non-messy and simple the process of cooking with this pan is.
And while searching online for paniyaram recipes. I realized that the Danish ebleskiver pan looks and and works the same way, and that has set my mind thinking that I ought to try and make the Danish pancakes of that name one of these days. If it works out well, it will be another  addition to the breakfast options I’m always looking for 🙂


These are available I believe in a cast-iron version as well, and that is possibly a good one to use as,from what I read,  the heat while cooking is very evenly in a pan of that material.

5 responses to “Ebleskiver Pan/Paniyaram Pan

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  2. Thanks Chandana ..in fact I remember seeing this as a kid when my grandma would make a dish called Appe(the Maharashtrian name ). Its a sweet dish made with whole wheat flour, jaggery,elaichi powder and some nuts thrown in the batter.They come out crisp and golden brown too 🙂
    Am buying this one for sure

    • Hi Anushka. so there are sweet appe too then. My cook had seen these made from a mix of different daals – and were of a savory variety too -in another household, where they were called appe (not paniyaram). Isn’t it awesome how one dish leads to the discovery of so many others 🙂

  3. Cool! The pan reminds me a lot of my poached egg pan, except mine steams. Interesting! Happy New Year to the four of you!

    • Erin, there’s a pan specially for poaching eggs? Didn’t know that. Vaguely remember my dad used do to do it in a pan of hot water. Sounds familiar? It’s the one way I’ve never learnt to cook an egg ! Must try. A very happy new year to you all too. love and hugs. come see us…

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