East marries West

As I spent an idle (how wonderful a feeling is that!) half hour this afternoon in one of my favorite spots in the whole world -the jhoola in the balcony outside our living room; truly, one of the nicest feelings in the world is its hypnotic gentle swing -my eyes paused once again at a  happy marriage of East and West that’s taken root here.


European basil and the very Indian curry leaf- two plants from very different parts of the world -have co-existed, in a pleasing state of harmony, in this single pot for several months now, and both have been doing quite well, too. The seeds of the former landed at some point from a neighboring pot, in which I grow basil for our pasta salads, pesto, and a tomato and basil pasta sauce, in to the latter’s pot.

The curry-leaf plant appears to have graciously made room for the basil seeds, which have since grown and blossomed in to a healthy plant.

Nature played nice here so easily, I think each time I see this pot, why can’t people?

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