A great walk and a super trooper

It’s been a wonderfully sunny weekend, the kind of warm winter days that I feel it’s a crime to spend indoors.

So in the afternoon today I asked the girls if they’d like to go out for a while, though Noor has a case of chickenpox and one that’s not as mild as Indira’s a few days ago. But she does seem to be her usual self despite that, and I thought an outing would cheer her up especially since she was obliged to miss the birthday party yesterday, due to the infection, that she and Indira were both invited to.

The girls were game for a walk so we went to Antibes to the very popular Sentier Littoral that winds around a part of Cap d’Antibes. The often very narrow and rocky path follows the shoreline -and has safety rails running along the side to offer protection from the bigger waves that must sometimes crash on the rocks – and offers the most gorgeous views of the sea and the surrounding region.

The whole walk took us almost an hour and a half to complete, since the girls stopped often to step on to the rocks along side the path.

Noor walked as well as any of us, and Shri carried her for only a little while at the end.

I thought it was very sporting on her part to keep up with us despite having a reason to beg off.  So I want her to know, when she reads this some day, that she was a good soldier today.

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